Water for Children Africa (WCA) is now accepting donations to complete water projects on the African continent. To date, WCA has supported water projects in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Liberia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Senegal, The Gambia, and Cameroon.


Water for Children Africa also produces the Africa Trade and Business Conference, of which there have been 20 to date.  The conference supports the WCA mission financially and educationally.  All 20 conferences have been held in San Diego, California thus far.

Donations can be in the form of money and or equipment.

All your donations are tax deductible.

Water for Children Africa TAX ID EIN #33-063-1333.


If you have any questions regarding Water for Children Africa’s Mission, making a donation, or participating in our events, please call or email us.



Executive Director:  Vickie Butcher, JD

1906 Olivebrook Court
El Cajon, CA, 92019 USA


TAX ID EIN #33-063-1333