Water For Children Africa


In 1993 Dr. Richard Butcher and Vickie Butcher founded Water for Children Africa, inspired by the leadership of Rev. Leon Sullivan (Civil rights activist and humanitarian) at the 2ndAfrican-American Summit in Libreville, Gabon where Dr. Louis Sullivan initiated to create and support the goal to establish safe water throughout Africa.

Vickie Butcher had discovered her love for the African people and culture while traveling many times to Africa with her mother, Margaret Powell, on her quest to her research her African heritage.

She was touched by the humanitarian need for her people and didn’t hesitate to step up and devote efforts and time to bring help to the children that need help the most.

Over the last two decades we have established projects in the following countries: Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Liberia.


Our solution is to establish sustainable technology in form of water tanks, latrines and hand wash stations. Small donations can go a long way. Instead of purchasing expensive high-tech equipment, we prefer to use technologies and materials that are self-sustainable and easy to fix on a low budget. That way communities are not dependent on large donor funds to fix machinery. We prefer monetary donations in order to gear the full amounts to purchasing water tanks and building supplies. At times local donations in form of school supplies, medications are accepted. All of our board of directors are working on volunteer bases. 100% of your donations are directly attributed to the projects. All of your donations are tax deductible.



30,000 children die each day from contaminated water

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85% of all diseases in African children under 5 are caused by water-borne illnesse

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20% of the world’s population struggles to gain access to safe drinking water every day

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